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No Idols

PriceFrom $19.99

This hand-drawn artwork features a striking statue head with a powerful message. The intricate details showcase the statue's cracked surface, from which streams of gold seem to be flowing out, giving the impression that the statue is bleeding gold. The most striking element, however, is the inscription in the statue's eyes, which reads "No Idols." This thought-provoking artwork challenges the viewer to consider the value of material possessions and the fleeting nature of human-made idols.


Canvas - Stretched canvas wraps that are digitally printed at high resolution on semi­gloss canvas material. To ensure the highest quality and precision each canvas is carefully hand wrapped onto MDF  stretcher frames.


Posters Under 18"x24" - Digitally printed on premium matte paper with a 100%  Inkjet Photo Printer to bring these photos and designs to life in vibrant color.


Posters Over 13"x19" - Digitally printed wide-format posters are perfect for temporary and semi-permanent displays. Now UV printed on our brand new Double-White Popup material these graphics really jump off the page.

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